Does Liberation run on Windows?

Yes, Windows 10 or 11 64 bit machines (TBC)

Does Liberation run on Mac

Yes, MacOS 12.xxxx and later

What is the minimum spec machine required?

It depends how many lasers you want to control. If you're only running a few lasers, you'll be fine with a low spec machine. Any Apple Silicon Mac runs really well, and should be able to control up to 100 lasers. If you're running complex shows with high stakes then we recommend the best machine you can afford.

How many lasers can I control with Liberation?

Liberation can run many lasers on one computer, it's been tested with over 100 laser controllers so the answer depends on :

What are the limitations between the 3 patron tiers?

Note that you can set up and preview as many lasers as you want on every tier, and there are no other limitations at all apart from the number of lasers that you can arm. Every other Liberation feature is available to all.

How do I sync Liberation to music?

It has an intelligent "tap tempo" system that works as you would expect, but you can also use an external MIDI clock or Ableton Link

Which MIDI controllers can I use?

Liberation has been designed and optimised around the popular APC40 Mk2 MIDI controller. It also works with the APC40 Mk1.

I am aware that these controllers have been discontinues so I will be working on other MIDI control implementations soon, along with customisable MIDI mapping but for now it is only the APC40 Mk 1 and 2(recommended).

Laser controllers

Which laser controllers are compatible with Liberation?

Currently in development :

For more information about supported laser controllers I made a video all about it

Why don't you support [other brand of] laser controller?

To encourage greater interoperability between software and hardware, Liberation will only support DACs that have a published communication protocol. I believe that this is the best way forward for the laser industry.

How can I tell if my laser can be used with Liberation?

If your laser has one of the following, you can use it with Liberation :

Can I use Liberation with my laser cube?

If your Laser Cube has a USB interface it'll work straight away. Support for the Wifi Laser Cubes is currently in development.

Patron subscriptions

Can I upgrade to a new tier?

You can upgrade to a higher tier at any time. You will get a partial refund for the remaining time on your current subscription, and your new plan will start immediately.

Can I downgrade my tier?

You can downgrade at any time but the change will take effect at the end of your current subscription period.

How do I authorise my computer with my patron subscription?

Once you have become a patron and downloaded Liberation you can then authorise the computer within the Liberation software itself. You will see an Authorise button on the About screen that will prompt you to log in to the website. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the authorisation process.

How often do I need to connect my computer to the internet?

Every time the subscription renews you will need to connect Liberation to the internet to update its internal license. If you are on a monthly subscription, you will need to connect every month, and if you are on an annual subscription you need to connect every year.

What happens if I can’t connect my computer to the internet after renewal?

Liberation will give you a grace period of 7 days after your license renews to connect to the internet and update its internal license.

What happens if my credit card expires?

You will get an email notification, and you will get a 7 day grace period to update your payment system. Log in to the website and use the Update payment details link on the subscriptions page.

How do I cancel my patronage?

Log in to the website, open the My subscriptions page, select the subscription you want to cancel, then click the Cancel Subscription link. You can continue to use Liberation for the remainder of the subscription period.

How many computers can I install Liberation on?

It depends which tier of subscription you purchase. Check the pricing page for more information.

How do I move my license from one computer to another?

Can I deauthorise Liberation on a computer that has been lost or stolen?